Lessons from the Next Leadership Paradigm

Lessons Learned

When you’re caught in your paradigm, you only see and hear what fits inside your established model.

In the moment of choice, I made the connection

Step outside the established rules and see what happens…

As I stepped out, my paradigm was questioned…trust your intuition!

Engage the innocence of new people…outsiders who do not understand our paradigm

Embrace and understand the present paradigm today will not work to solve the current problems.


Something is missing

a new way to listen

Seize your chance – your moment

Chance to play, when you have nothing to lose

Successful break withs’ require a new leadership model – an outsider sees things differently.

Model the Behavior you Expect

- try a different way

- think everything through in advance

- get innovative and creative

- remember – it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission

- measure the ROI – but think in “higher math” terms

And remember… shift happens!

Tell your people they are doing a great job

Here is a question…have you ever met anyone that has complained that they are recognized by their boss too much?

When the answer is clear – act on it!

Taking risks is not all that difficult

Sometimes you just get damn lucky

Invest in your people is more than just words

In achieving a true breakthrough, you leadership model must change

Not everything is a QUICK FIX

Leadership is about letting go

Leadership is about swimming upstream

It has to be more than just words

How Does It Happen?…action

How Do You Start? Try Letting GO

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