Listen to the Pain Caused by Bad Bosses


Bad Bosses and Bullies in the Workplace are Everywhere.

Sad, but true, Bad Bosses, and Bully Leadership is alive and well in today’s workplace

Listen to the Voices

Listen to the Pain…

• My workplace is toxic
• The office politics around here are brutal
• I work for a bully
• I am being harassed at work
• I have the manager from hell
• It’s all about Bad Boss Survival
• Things are getting worse
• I am afraid all the time
• I work for an absolute idiot
• I am constantly looking over my shoulder
• I am constantly threaten with being fired
• I feel marginalized
• I am just unhappy at work
• I feel disrespected
• I hate my boss
• My boss makes me feel anxious
• My boss makes me anger quickly
• I have no energy
• I hate my life

Do not despair, there is an answer!

But, it requires a break with tradition, a break with the status quo.

It requires a new leadership model where the employee works within his/her circle of influence, not concern

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