10 Surefire Ways to Sink Your LeaderSHIP

Crime and Punishment

Sure Fire Ways to “Sink Your Leadership”

1. Keep Them Guessing
– who needs a vision, or direction

2. Don’t Ask – Don’t Listen
– we already know everything

3. High Tech Without High Touch
– the big “disconnect” in a connected world

4. Employee Wellness is for Wimps
– suck it up and get back to work

5. Pay Cheque is Enough
– recognition? ya right…be happy you got a job

6. Keep Work as a Serious Business
– fun and laughter decreases productivity

7. Training is a Liability
– investment in people is optional

8. It’s All About the “Bottom Line”
– leave your passion at the door

9. Ensure Rigid Compliance to Policy
– trust is a dirty word

10. Create a Culture of the Unexceptional
– disengage and disconnect

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