Enabling the ExtraOrdinary

Enabling the ExtraOrdinary

James Kouzes and Barry Posner’s extensive research sum up in 5 simple points how you can get extraordinary things done…

1) Challenge the Process
2) Inspire a Shared Vision
3) Enable Others to Act
4) Model the Way
5) Encourage the Heart (Find the Spark – The MoJo)

Knowing how to enable is the easy part – keeping this philosophy top of mind is your challenge

Enablement is really all about “letting go”…

Letting go of the reins with vision, planning, accountability and heart

Here are 5 simple steps to take EVERY Day to turn ExtraOrdinary theory into Daily Execution

1) It all starts with a “word”… ENABLE

What is the definition of ENABLE? Simply, to Make Possible; Give Authority, Supply the Means, or Opportunity

Instead of calling yourself “Manager of Product Development”, VP of Sales, or Director of I.T Operations”… change you title to “ENABLER”. “Product Development Enabler, VP of Sales Enablement, I.T Operations Enabler, CEO – Chief Enabling Officer”

That is what I did when I was in policing – Instead of Detachment COMMANDER. I changed my title to Detachment ENABLER. Instead of Chief of Police – I was Chief Enabler

In my current job, I refer to my title as “Sales ENABLER”

I know it is just a word – but a word goes a long way to begin the process of transformation

2) Find the Root or Core of what needs to be enabled. In other words, find out what the heck you’re customer and your staff really want delivered – the primary – what is more important. Not want you want, find out from those you serve.

What is your shared vision? What are your core values? If you have these figured out already, then enablement is much easier. If you do not have them figured out, work on them first.

3) Enablement Becomes Job One – Your Reason for Being – Your Passion!

And it starts with…Get your head in the game!
Do whatever it takes – whatever works for you, but make enablement execution job one.

I suggest 30 minutes before you start work “EVERY DAY”… start asking and thinking on how you will execute on “making it possible”

4) The Talent is in the Room

Tap into your people. Start by shutting up and listening with your heart, your eyes, then your ears. Truly listen to what is important to them. Seek first to understand what the customer wants?

Remember, paradigm shifts occur from those on the fringe – those that do not fit into the box – those that are wiling to challenge the status quo.

If you want to uncover the “extraordinary”, find those on the fringe – ask – watch – listen

5) Nothing Fails Like Success – in other words if you want a fast track to disaster, just rest on your laurels.

Just because you are successful today, does not mean you will remain that way. Look no farther that Eastman Kodak and their recent bankruptcy. Heck – they should have “owned” the digital camera business.

As Jim Collins states in “How the Might Fall” – never lose sight of your CORE business and as my good friend Ryan Walter preaches… do whatever it takes to stay hungry!

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